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Importing Pecan to StackForge

OpenStack is using Pecan as part of the new generation of API services. The code is currently hosted on github under the DreamHost account. This page is a collection of notes for what we would need to do to migrate the project to stackforge.

Based on http://ci.openstack.org/stackforge.html

Preparing the Repository

The existing DVCS repository is a Git repo at https://github.com/dreamhost/pecan

  1. Add .gitreview file in anticipation of adding the repo to the openstack gerrit server
  2. Add a CONTRIBUTING file to the repository to match the other StackForge projects

Gerrit ACLs

Reviewers and contributors need LaunchPad IDs.

It is not necessary to sign the OpenStack CLA for this project.

Core Group Membership

  1. A new pecan-core group will be created to have review permissions.
  2. A new pecan-release group will be created to have release permissions.

Both groups will start with Ryan Petrello, Jonathan LaCour, Mark McClain, Alfredo Deza, and Doug Hellmann as members. The memberships can be changed over time as needed.

Jenkins Jobs

Pecan uses Travis CI right now: https://travis-ci.org/dreamhost/pecan

The capabilities of StackForge and Travis don't line up 100%.

  1. SF has no Python 3.2 test servers
* After discussing this with the Pecan team, we've decided to drop the 3.2 gating.

Other things to do

  1. Review the list of requirements for Pecan and make sure they are in the mirror (including the various test scenarios, that may not be covered by our runtime configuration).
  2. We need to do something to clearly mark the old github repo as deprecated. Perhaps recreate it as a clone of the new stackforge repo?
  3. Bug tracker: We need to create a Launchpad project for tracking bugs.