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OpenStack Personas 2015


Below are the outcomes from the 2015 OpenStack Persona Workshop hosted at IBM Design's Austin studio and included participants from HP, IBM and Intel. We have identified stages a company needs to go through in adopting cloud technologies; the cloud eco system around OpenStack; and five cloud roles (prototype personas) that are relevant to OpenStack.

However, this is still a work in progress, and we'd love your feedback.

Please look through the five cloud roles we've identified, find the one(s) that you resonate the most, and fill out the survey(s) at the bottom of the persona detail page. You can find the list of personas at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

The OpenStack UX Project Team

Cloud Roles

Below is a list of existing cloud roles we have identified from the persona workshop, you can find their surveys at the bottom of their pages.

Infrastructure Architect

“I am responsible for the strategy and roadmap for my company’s cloud”

Service Admin

“I am the expert on a particular project and when it comes to tricky problems, I dive in.”

Cloud Ops

“I make sure the cloud is up and running and try to get things running again ASAP”

Domain Ops

“I manage the relationship with the cloud provider for my company including quotas, users, policies, and support tickets”

Dev Ops

“I need to deploy an environment, then get back to writing code.”

Cloud EcoSystem

Cloud Eco System

Cloud Adoption Stage







Decision-making about adopting cloud and/or managed services while considering strategic,financial, architecture, security, applications, process, and users. Define and plan the OpenStack cloud while considering hardware, compute, storage, network, infrastructure and platform choices, services, along with scale. Install and configure the OpenStack cloud. Day-to-day operation and administration of the OpenStack cloud including backup, disaster recovery, managing the infrastructure and platform services offered by the OpenStack cloud. Perform updates and post-update verification to the OpenStack cloud. End-user consumption of the OpenStack cloud services.

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