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An OpenStack Global Hackathon

The goal is to fix bugs to achieve a stronger OpenStack release. Possibly discuss feature designs in small groups prior to a summit to facilitate bringing a better thought out initial design. To foster community. To provide a networking opportunity for developers. Provided funds are available to invite core project developers to various sites to help developers.

Shane Wang from Intel and Huawei hosted two such events in China and successfully smashed a 100+ bugs making Kilo and Liberty releases stronger. What makes this hackathon unique?

  1. We are going Global for the first time.
  2. Partnering with multiple companies.

And even as we write this, identifying the various stakeholders (companies, sites, marketing folks), funding, and of course the list of bugs! Please bring patience, enthusiasm, and positive thinking.



Shane Wang: shane dot wang at intel dot com

Malini Bhandaru: malini dot k dot bhandaru at intel dot com

Nikhil Komawar: nik dot komawar at gmail dot com

Derek Sellin: derek dot sellin at intel dot com


Shane's Checklist

Signup Etherpads

OpenStackHackathon2016-1 Etherpads to get started, these shall be included in the message to be sent by Shane to the OpenStack mailing list. It facilitates participant sign-up, determining project interests and strengths in a geographical location to tune the hackathon.

Status Jan 23, 2016

  1. Dates fixed March 2-4, 2016
  2. Target Participants: Not beginners.
  3. Local variations:
    1. Number of participants (depends on size of nearby community)
    2. Projects covered at a site
    3. Beyond bugs: Tutorials for beginners. Design sessions?
  4. Cores and PTLs to guide on bugs to be addressed. Alerted of hackathon plans.
  5. Local sites nearly finalized
  6. Venue at local sites OPEN
  7. Marketing/publicity text in the works. Local versions can be tuned, but the messaging to OpenStack mailing list will be controlled and vetted by Derek/Maggie and other marketing leads.