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OpenStack Compute (Nova) Features

see also: detailed Comparison Matrix of OpenStack, Eucalyptus and CloudStack

Expected Austin Release Features

  • support for few different hypervisors:
    • Xen Hypervisor
    • KVM, QEMU
    • User Mode Linux support
  • Security groups implementation
  • Rescue Mode
  • Glance -- Image registry and (cold) storage using OpenStack Object Storage. This will be experimental and optional feature.

See also Austin Release Notes and Austin Blueprints.

Expected Bexar Features

  • Full Glance integration
  • nwfilter-style multi-tenant networking

Planned Features

See also Nova Blueprints.

As Soon As Possible

  • IPv6 support

In next 6 months

  • Elastic Block Device like system (similar to the Amazon EBD one)