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This page will document information for new contributors around:

  • Plugin APIs

This is a video of a presentation given by Mark McClain at Juno design summit in May 2014. It shows a nice overview of neutron-server, plugins, agents, plugin extensions and drivers.

  • Code walk throughs
  • Contributing to Neutron

Work within Neutron is discussed in focused sub-teams that are dedicated to a particular area. The list of sub-groups within Neutron is available here. Besides the weekly Neutron team meeting, each sub-team usually has a separate meeting to discuss and plan ongoing work in detail. A list of sub-teams and meeting times is here. Deciding which sub-team you are interested in, or your proposal/idea/fix may fit into is probably a good first step to contributing.

Code reviews are a great way to learn about the project. There is also a list of starter bugs that may be useful as as a starting point. If you haven't already done so you should setup a Neutron development environment so you can actually run the code! Devstack is usually the most convenient way to setup such an environment: see devstack.org and the NeutronDevstack information for editing the devstack local.conf file to include neutron services in the deployment.

Helping with Documentation can also be a useful first step for a newcomer. Here is a list of documentation bugs that are tagged with 'neutron'; bug reports are created here for neutron reviews with a 'DocImpact' in the commit message.

  • IRC information and etiquette

The main irc channel is #openstack-neutron (on freenode). The weekly meeting is held in the #openstack-meeting channel. See the list of meetings for sub-team specific meeting rooms.

  • Mailing list information and etiquette
  • Neutron meeting information