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This page contains details that are not valid anymore.
It is kept here only for historical reasons.
It was last updated on 2015-02-11

This page is deprecated because it has been superseded by NeutronSubTeams which has more recent and accurate information. If you see something on here that belongs there, please move it.

Deprecated Content

Quantum uses a concept of "sub-teams" to help distribute the work of design reviews, bug triage, code reviews, progress updates, etc.

Current Set of Quantum Teams:

Feel free to add yourself as a member of the team. Being a team lead or member does not give any official authority beyond the respect they have already gained from the community. It is more about distributing work and easing communication as people try to understand the state of the project in a particular area and to coordinate new work in an area.

Team Name Team Lead Team Members
API design & cohesiveness salv-orlando salv-orlando, rkukura
DB layer markmcclain markmcclain
CLI & client gongysh gongysh, markmcclain
System Test / Tempest integration nachi nachi, maru
Horizon + Quantum Integration amotoki amotoki, nachi
stable releases garyk garyk, danwent, arosen, markmcclain
Quantum + Nova Integration garyk garyk
L3 / IPAM / DHCP markmcclain markmcclain, danwent, garyk
Admin Docs danwent danwent
LBaaS danwent
FWaaS snaiksat
Security Groups / FW arosen arosen, amotoki
VPN markmcclain markmcclain
Advanced services snaiksat nachi, eugene

Core-team Plugin Contacts

Plugin Name Contact
OVS + LB rkukura
Cisco plugin mestery (non-core)
Nicira NVP Plugin arosen
Ryu Plugin yamahata (non-core)
NEC plugin amotoki
Meta plugin nachi
Big Switch/FloodLight snaiksat
Hyper-V gongysh
Midonet markmcclain
Brocade garyk
Plumgrid emagana