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Quantum Rest Proxy Plugin


This Quantum plugin translates Quantum function calls to authenticated REST request to a set of redundant external network controllers.

Use Cases

Providing isolated virtual networks.

Implementation Overview

This plugin inherits from the db plugin and relies on it for persisting the state of the core resources.

It then proxies the request to the controller based on the following API exposed by the controller:

GET /quantum/1.0/topology

PUT /quantum/1.0/topology

DELETE /quantum/1.0/topology

GET /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/

GET /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network

GET /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/detail

POST /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks

PUT /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network

DELETE /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network

GET /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports

GET /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports/:port

GET /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports/:port/detail

POST /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports

PUT /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports/:port

DELETE /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports/:port

GET /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports/:port/attachment

PUT /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports/:port/attachment

DELETE /quantum/1.0/tenants/:tenant/networks/:network/ports/:port/attachment

API details are appended to the end of this spec.

Data Model Changes

None, uses the base Quantum DB model.

Configuration variables





No new APIs/extensions.

Plugin Interface

Implements standard plugin interface.

Required Plugin support

This is a plugin implementation.


No new packages. Will depend though on an external controller (e.g. Floodlight) to actually perform the network configuration.

CLI Requirements

No new CLI.

Horizon Requirements


Usage Example

Quantum CLI for network, subnets, and ports

Test Cases

Unit tests along with a dummy controller is provided. Tests can be run from the top level Quantum directory: > ./run_tests.sh quantum.tests.unit.restproxy.test_restproxy_plugin

Plugin to Controller API details

See the attached document attachment:api-details.txt.