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Neutron/NEC OpenFlow Plugin

[Deprecation Warning] The current plugin, NEC OpenFlow plugin, is deprecated in OpenStack Liberty release (2015.2). A new driver for NEC NWA (Network Automation) product is coming. Note that the production support will be continued based on the production support policy.

[Note] In Kilo development cycle, Neutron community decides to move vendor specific codes into separate repositories. NEC OpenFlow plugin is now available at https://git.openstack.org/openstack/networking-nec.

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NEC OpenFlow plugin talks to OpenFlow Controller and each Neutron would be mapped to an virtual layer-2 network slice on an OpenFlow enabled network. The interface between the Neutron plugin and OpenFlow Controller is RESTful API. This API is supported by two implementations: NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking Controller and Trema Sliceable Switch. More detail is available in networking-nec repository.

Using NEC OpenFlow plugin

Note for Juno DevStack users: