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Networking Overview

Live notes may be taken for this topic at: http://etherpad.openstack.org/Networking

Nova Implementation

Current implementation

  • Private networking and VPNs
    • Instances attached to separated VLAN tagged bridges
  • IP Address allocation handled by API
  • DHCP Server assigns addresses


Instance launch network steps

  • On Network Node
    • If vlan doesn't exist:
      • create vlan and bridge for project
      • run dhcp server bridged into vlan
  • generate mac address
    • if cloudpipe instance:
      • give specific ip to instance
  • else:
    • find free private ip
  • configure dhcp server with mac and ip
  • On Compute Node
    • If vlan doesn't exist:
      • create vlan and bridge for project
  • Spawn vm and nic with specified mac address
    • Bridge the vm nic into the project vlan

Volume creation network steps

  • volume node creates lvm
  • volume node exposes lvm using vblade-persist

Volume attach network steps

  • compute node discovers volume
  • compute node attaches volume to vm as pci device

Ip association

  • Find free public ip
  • Associate the ip with public interface
  • Set up iptables rules to forward to private ip

Future implementation

  • Pluggable Network Implementation
    • Support for flat networking model
    • Support for IP injection
  • Network is its own worker process and uses queue
  • Support for dedicated network hardware

Rackspace Implementation

Current implementation

  • Flat Network Design
  • Networking configurations injected into instances, or pulled via a Guest Agent
  • IPs pulled from Cluster Controller per network group.
  • Instances protected by various IPTables, Ebtables, Arptables rules
    • Protects instances from IP/MAC Address Spoofing
    • Protects instances from ARP Poisoning Attacks
  • Host machines connect three Datacenter Networks: public, service-net, management-net
    • Management-net is used for communication from controllers to host.
  • Instances connected to single bridge for each network, public, service-net
  • Bandwidth throttling.

Future implementation

  • Addition of host-net bridge for internal communication from Instances.
    • Needed for Hypervisor agnostic communication between Host and Guest Communication. (we can't rely only on XenStore)
    • IPs assigned via DHCP over local host network.
    • Is this an additional guest network interface or does this piggy back existing?
  • Open vSwitch
    • Instance networking protection rules could be pushed into the vSwitch.


IPv6 should have first-class support, we can derive IPv4 address binding with the IPv6 to IPv6 mapping space and configuration options.

IPv4 Countdown Clock