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Melange will have an IP Management System that will provide the core IP services required for Nova in it's base incarnation. It will have a RESTful API and operate as a separate service.

The initial charter and requirements for Melange can be found at Melange

Release Note

The current plan is to incubate this effort within the Nova code base.


User stories

 Public, Private, v4 and v6 blocks
 Global and Tenant specific blocks
 Subnetting with validations like cidr overlaps in sibling blocks 
 Pluggable ipv6 allocation algo. Currently have ported nova's algos.
 Allocation by Block or by Network
 Allocation of specific Ips, if provided
 Delayed deallocation of Ips
  REST API exists for marking ips for deallocation
  Can restore ips marked for deallocation
  TBD: Batch Schedular to delete marked ips after a certain period of time
 TBD:Instance/vif relationship to allocated ip
 Range Rule : Disallow certain range of IPs from getting allocated.
              e.g. for IpBlock, and Range rule with start=0 and length=2
                   disallows, to be allocated.
 Last Octet : Disallow certain IPs ending in particular octet.
              e.g. for IpBlock and Octet rule with last octet=255 disallows
                   all 10.0.*.255 from getting allocated.
 tracking inside local and inside global ip relationships
 Ported Nova's extension framework.
  Authorization for tenant and admin actions
  TBD: Authentication, looking to use keystone
  IpBlock, Policy and Subnetting  operations.
  TBD: IpAddress, Natting

TBD features:

 (will use natting at some level, but will need more work for nova integration)