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Neutron Tap as a Service (TaaS) Meeting


TaaS Review Inbox


Initial Spec for Stadium report is up :https://review.openstack.org/#/c/454788/

Project Teams Gathering

  • Denver, CO, USA (Sep., 11-15, 2017)

Agenda (2017-9-20)

  • Feedback report from the PTG in Denver
  • Open Discussion

Agenda (2017-9-13)

  • Canceled: because of the week of PTG

Agenda (2017-9-6)

  • Open Discussion

Agenda (2017-8-23)

  • Open Discussion

Agenda (2017-8-16)

  • skipped (summer vacation)

Agenda (2017-8-9)

  • Pike release
    • (yamamoto) Unless anyone objects, I'll make a release as it is.
    • An open question: Do we want a RC?
  • Dashboard
  • Review reminder
  • Open Discussion

Meetbot commands

  • #startmeeting taas
    • "taas" part is used for the log URL
  • #endmeeting
    • To end the meeting officially (as a result, meetbot will perform all of the necessary logging and archiving of the text from #startmeeting to #endmeeting)

Previous meeting logs

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