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Meeting Agenda: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 23:00 UTC (15:00 PST) IRC Channel #swift3

Past meeting notes: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/swift3-meeting

Next meeting: Mar 8th, 2017


Previous Agendas:

  • Swift3 meetup in Barcelona Summit:


  • Swift3 mini-meetup in Austin Summit:

- https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/AUS-swift3-meeting


Dec 14th:

  • Recent Updates [all]

Nov 9th:

  • Summit Recap [all]
  • Required Swift Version [all]
  • Recent Updates [all]

Oct 8th:

Sep 28th:

Sep 14th:

Aug 31st:

Aug 17th:

  • Recent updates [all]
  • sorry not yet new released [kota_]

Aug 3rd:

  • Recent updates [all]
  • Release [kota_]

Jul 6th:

  • recent updates [all]
  • Barcelona Summit Proposal [kota_]
  • release?

Jun 22th:

  • recent updates [all]
  • Barcelona summit??? [kota_]

Jun 9th:

  • Signature v4 landed! [kota_]
    • need some follow ups [kota_]
  • recent updates [all]

May 25th:

  • Signature v4 stuff updates [kota_]

May 11th:

  • Summit Recap [all]
  • s3token
  • new core reviewer Tim

Apr 14th:

Mar 30th:

  • skipped

Mar 16th:

  • Recent Updates [all]
  • Signature v4 support [kota_]
  • Dependency Updates (Swift/Keystone, Liberty? boto3? This is related to v4 support) Mitaka will be launched next month though... [kota_]

Feb 24th:

Feb 11th:

  • Recent Updates [all]
  • v1.10 release
    • CHANGELOG missing in the release but in current master

Jan 20:

  • Recent Updates [all]

Jan 6:


Dec 16:

  • Swift3 v1.9 released [ntt]
  • Recent Updates [all]

Dec 2:

  • Security bug status - https://bugs.launchpad.net/swift3/+bug/1497424
  • Priority work items for OSIC (OpenStack Innovation Center, Intel/Rackspace Collaboration)
    • We need to identify some clear short-term deliverables for Ganesh and Siva. Need some guidance here (bugs, addressing test failures, other?). Thanks!
  • Recent Updates [all]

Nov 12:

Oct 14:

  • Recent work / status [all]
  • Tokyo summit plans - can we have an S3 design session to talk about priorities for 2016?

Sept 30:

  • Recent work / status [all]
  • Versioning Design
  • Packaging (Do we need bump the version following Liberty release?)
  • s3compat scripts

Sep 16:

  • Recent work / status [all]
  • Versioning Design

Sep 2:

  • recent working status catch up [ntt]
    • swift3 testing
    • Object ACL efficiency [ibm]
    • Signature v4 ???
    • Other stuffs?