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Weekly Openstack Ansible Deployment team meeting

If you're interested in Ansible deploying OpenStack, we hold a public meetings weekly.

Join us on OFTC IRC network, in #openstack-ansible, on Tuesday at 15:00 UTC, every Tuesday.

Meeting history and how our meeting works now

Historically, we had two meetings per week: One community meeting, and one bug triage meeting. Due to the lower attendance of both of those, we reduced the amount of meetings to one per week, with a focus on the bug triage.

The community meeting was important to raise issues/awareness or continue discussions on certain topics. Over time, we realized most of the discussions are happening live on the #openstack-ansible channel, so a formal meeting was not required anymore: the meeting became be a place where people had to repeat what they said on the channel, with the hope of having more visibility and logging the conversation.

To avoid repetitions, and still raise awareness of topics, anyone can add on this page in the section "Agenda", a link to a discussion that happened on the mailing lists, etherpads, or on IRC.

Each meeting will start by giving the links to the discussions, for the record. If any further discussion is required, it can be done after the triage of the bugs.


The meeting is split in the following parts:

  • rollcall
  • what happened since last meeting
  • open discussion
  • bug triage

Start meeting and rollcall

#startmeeting openstack_ansible_meeting

#topic rollcall

Previous meetings & logs

Our new meeting logs and details can be found here: [1]

Meetbot Commands

Please see the startmeeting command above.

Additional commands: Meetbot Manual