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Meetings/TechnicalCommittee/Horizon Gap Coverage

Gap 0: Mission Statement

Horizon has documented the project's core values here http://docs.openstack.org/developer/horizon/intro.html#id1. Our mission statement should highlight Core Support, Extensibility, and Consistency.

Proposal: To provide an extensible unified web based user interface for all integrated OpenStack services.

  • timeframe: Juno-1 Juno-2 Juno-3
  • owner: david-lyle

Gap 1: No major Architectural Changes

Planned since the Icehouse Summit, Horizon is planning on splitting the current repository into a toolkit repo and a django app repository. The current repository is already split along these lines, but having them combined creates problems for projects in incubation and requires special casing by infra. The only code not already split is JavaScript and CSS that straddles both sides, this has been the main impediment for finishing the split.

2014.10.01 update: A large portion of the work was accomplished in Juno by splitting out the JavaScript from being embedded in the Horizon portion of the repository. The remainder of the split is targeted for Kilo now.

  • timeframe: Juno-2 Juno-3 Kilo
  • owner: mrunge, rdopieralski

Gap 2: Refresh of horizon-coresec

  • timeframe: Juno-1 (complete)
  • owner: david-lyle

Gap 3: Document Gaps between Horizon and CLIs

There are certain feature sets in the service APIs only supported by CLI. This forces Horizon users to switch to the CLI to accomplish certain tasks. Horizon needs to reduce these gaps. There is ongoing work to expose support for as much of the service APIs that make sense in Horizon. An exhaustive list is difficult and harder to maintain across all services as they progress. Better coordination with other PTLs/Projects will help insure that key new functionality is covered. The other limiting factor is people to address these gaps. Documentation will be kept on wiki.openstack.org

  • timeframe: ongoing
  • owner: david-lyle

Gap 4: Integration Framework Tied to Gate

In late Icehouse, Horizon added an integration test framework. There is a very limited number of tests currently implemented for this framework. The goal is to continue to grow the number and extent of the tests in Juno and hopefully tie this framework into the gating of Horizon at least and potentially cross-project gating as makes sense. Horizon will need to coordinate with infra and QA to understand what adds the most value.

2014.10.01 update: Over the course of Juno, Horizon has continued to grow its integration test suite. Given the larger OpenStack conversations around the future of the integrated gate, we need to make sure integration is still the desired outcome.


  • timeframe: Juno-3 ??
  • owner: jpich