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  • Patch series identifiers:
    • GP-API: Group Policy API - Resource model patch
    • GP-DB: Group Policy DB - DB model patch to support a corresponding set of resources
    • GP-PLG: Group Policy Plugin - Group Policy plugin patch to support which implements a set of resources
    • GPM-API: Group Policy Mapping API - Patch for mapping a set of Group Policy resources to corresponding set of traditional Neutron resources via resource extension
    • GPM-DB: Group Policy Mapping DB - Patch for DB model that extends Group Policy DB model with the mapping to the traditional Neutron resources' DB model (via table extension)
    • GPM-PLG: Group Policy Mapping Plugin - Patch to add mapping extension to Group Policy plugin
    • GPM-IPD: Group Policy Implicit Policy Driver - Patch which implements a Group Policy driver that contains the logic to implicitly create mapped Neutron resources
    • GPM-RMD: Group Policy Resource Mapping Driver - Patch which implements the creation of traditional Neutron resources