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(Old) Future Meeting Topics

  • New directions
    • Network aware scheduling
      • Some other interactions to consider (maybe at a later meeting) - how does network aware scheduling interact with this policy based network abstraction? [Debo~]
      • Use cases:
        • Affinity aware placement: Given a storage end point (x), obtain an end point y or an entity z which can construct an end point y, such that distance(x,y)=small or <c, where c is a constant.
        • Anti-affinity: Want to place 2 VMs as far as possible
        • Bandwidth constrained placement: Want to place 2 VMs with 2 end-point groups such that the bandwidth between them <c, c=constant.
        • Other use cases: hotspot aware placement etc.
      • Questions
        • Does it relate to the Group-Policy abstraction? If it is just a declarative model, maybe we need an orthogonal metrics model
        • Should we discuss this issue now? I am happy to volunteer