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Marconi: Icehouse Release (2014.1)

Marconi is an incubated OpenStack program, preparing to graduate at the end of the Juno release cycle (fall 2014). With the close of the Icehouse cycle, the team achieved a number of exciting milestones:

  • Marconi's first official, production-ready "1.0" release is now available for download. This first release includes a battle-tested MongoDB driver, and production-ready drivers for additional backends are in the works.
  • Marconi's v1.0 API is stable and ready to code against.
  • Basic user and operator docs are now available, and we will be adding tons of new content during Juno.
  • A reference client library (written in Python) is now available on PyPI. This library supports the entire v1.0 API. Support for other languages is available through Rackspace-supported SDKs.