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IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is often used as a real-time communication capability with open source projects. We're pretty proud of the friendly vibe in the OpenStack channels and invite anyone wanting to ask questions or talk about all things OpenStack to the channels.

New to IRC ?

Please see the IRC chapter in our Contributors Guide: https://docs.openstack.org/contributors/common/irc.html

OpenStack IRC channels and meetings

We are using the OFTC IRC network, our main channels are:

  • #openstack (for usage questions)
  • #openstack-dev (for development questions)
  • #openstack-infra (for questions about the project infrastructure)

You can access the complete list of channels and the schedule of IRC meetings on: https://meetings.opendev.org/

How to read messages exchanged when you're offline

IRC, unlike other chat systems, doesn't keep messages when you're offline. In order to be notified of relevant communications you can either look at the channel logs or setup an IRC proxy.

The most common IRC proxies are znc and bip. See the following guides to configure them: