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This plugin implements Neutron v2 APIs by using IBM-SDNVE controller.


In order to use this plugin, the core_plugin in /etc/neutron/neutron.conf should be set as follows:

core_plugin = neutron.plugins.ibm.sdnve_neutron_plugin.SdnvePluginV2

It should be noted that this plugin does not support security groups.

Furthermore, plugin specific parameters are set in /etc/neutron/plugins/ibm/sdnve_neutron_plugin.ini.
The IP address of the controller or a list of IP addresses can be used to point to the IBM SDN-VE controller.

controller_ips =,

Other note worthy options are, integration_bridge and interface_mappings. The integration_bridge is used for attaching VMS to OF networks and the interface_mappings specifies the interfaces to be used for inter-vm communication in a multi-node setup.

integration_bridge = br-int
interface_mappings = default:eth2

IBM SDN-VE Plugin Unit Tests

cd <neutron_path> 
./run_tests.sh neutron.tests.unit.ibm.test_sdnve_plugin