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I18nTeam/team/zh TW

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Taiwan Translation Team

Contact information

Eaither send message to macjack, zero00072 with Zanata or send mail to the mailling list.
Mail list

How to join

Go to Openstack Official Site and click top-right JOIN to sign up a Foundation Member, then you will have a SSO account for translation too.

Since you catch the SSO account, you can visit Zanata to join us for your source power with your SSO acount.

And you can send message to ether macjack or zero00072 to let us know you.

How to contribute

You can join below work items:

  • On the Zanata Project List, there are many Openstack Projects. You can choose one and edit it yourself.
  • All translation suggest to follow the recently translations from Horizon, but this is just a recommendation.
  • Suggest not to translate Horizon project, but this is just a recommendation. We will filter out non-fit words.
  • If you have some translation problem, ask zero00072.