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Proposed Hypervisor Feature Requirements

The list below is not comprehensive, but is intended to provide a baseline set of features that hypervisors must implement. Not all of the items listed below may be required; more advanced features are listed to support discussion of where we draw the line.

Feature Required Why
Launch Yes We don't import running guests, which makes this critical
Reboot Yes It's a pretty core operation that should be supportable everywhere (soft + hard?)
Shutdown/Start Yes Seems important too - graceful shutdown vs power plug pull? (graceful!)
Terminate Yes 'Cause
Cold Migrate Yes Admins need to move instances around a bit as things die
Resize ?Yes When billed by the minute, ability to shrink/grow is important
Rescue Yes Seems like important user-facing ability
Pause/Unpause No Some hypervisors don't support this
Suspend/Resume No Some hypervisors don't support this
Inject networking No Doesn't make sense everywhere (?)
Inject files No Trying to move away from this anyway
Serial Console No Doesn't make sense everywhere
VNC Console No Doesn't make sense everywhere
SPICE Console No Limited to single-hypervisor support
RDP Console No Limited to single-hypervisor support
Attach/Detach Volume ?Yes Volumes are the default persistence mechanism
Live Migration No Not all hypervisors will support this
Snapshot ?Yes Basic function for bootstrapping environments (but ironic doesn't support this)
iSCSI backing No
FibreChannel Backing No
Set admin password No Overlaps with rescue, not supported everywhere
Boot from glance image Yes This is basic expected behavior
Boot from volume ?Yes If volumes work, this should work too
Works with nova-network No The (distant) future is neutron
Works with neutron Yes Neutron is openstack's networking platform, so must be supported
Supports configdrive Yes This is our preferred future file-based configuration mechanism
Supports Metadata Service ?No This seems dependent on the network stack
Evacuate No
Volume Swap No Not supported everywhere
Attach/Detach NIC No Not supported everywhere