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Horizon Usability Test Tasks

The following are a series of tasks that the Usability Test Participants were asked to perform:

Task 1

Imagine that you have been asked to get a new application up and running in your Cloud, which your company manages with OpenStack Horizon. To setup the new application, you will have to create and get a virtual host up and running. The virtual host should be set up so that:

  • It can handle a lightweight PHP application
  • Has 1 processor core
  • 128 MB
  • Uses a Cirros image for the OS
  • Is set up so that you can connect to it via SSH, and it can be pinged

Take all the steps necessary in order to create a host that you can access on your network.

Task 2

Now that you have your host up and running, assume that you’ve made some changes on the host and now need to make a point-in-time copy of it, so that you can access it or revert to the copy at a later point. Take all the steps necessary to make a copy of the host you created in Task 1.

Task 3

Using the Point-In-Time Copy of the Host that you made in Task 2, launch another instance of the host, and confirm that the instance was started successfully.

Task 4

Imagine that you want the Host that you created in Task 3 to use persistent storage (instead of ephemeral storage) when it starts up and when it's running. Take all the steps necessary to enable the host to start up using persistent storage.

Task 5

Imagine that you are interested in resource utilization. Locate this information in the Horizon UI.

Task 6

You want to review all your existing instances. Locate this information, and then answer the following questions:

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