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Hardware Vendor SIG


The goals of this SIG are to provide a place where vendors, and those interested in vendor specific things like drivers and supporting libs, can work together and collaborate openly to enable OpenStack services to integrate and work well on all hardware platforms.


The Hardware Vendor SIG is still forming and growing. If you work for a vendor that implements drivers or other libs and enhancements to OpenStack services to enable your hardware, we would love to have you join us. Even if you don't work for a hardware vendor, if you are interested in making sure OpenStack works well across a wide range of platforms, we could use your help with coding, code reviews, documentation, or any other way you feel like contributing.

We do not have regular meetings (yet).

We use the openstack-discuss@lists.openstack.org mailing list. If there are questions specifically about this effort, the tag is [hwsig] in the subject. Any ideas and questions are welcome.

Source Code

The current code repos owned by this SIG are:

We welcome other source repos for any other vendors. If you have a project hosted on GitHub, GitLab, or under a different namespace in OpenDev, feel free to propose adding it to this SIG and we can make it an official openstack/ repo.

We follow the OpenStack contribution workflow. More information can be found in the Upstream Training guide.