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GBP Kilo Release Notes

This is the second OpenStack Group Based Policy release. The release comprises of four components/repositories (Service, Client, Heat automation, Horizon UI) and is designed to work with OpenStack stable Kilo. This release has the following highlights:

  • Multi-vendor technology agnostic Service Chain Composition architecture (refer to Node Composition Plugin, Node Drivers, and Node Plumbers). The older monolithic service plugin is now deprecated.
  • Support for policy-based floating IP assignment
  • Support for sharing Service Chain constructs
  • Support for GBP Resource Quotas
  • Performance optimization with changes to subnet allocation
  • Devstack-based integration gate job
  • Integration test suite
  • Rally gate job
  • Increased unit test coverage across components and drivers
  • Enhanced UI with bug fixes and support for Service Profile
  • Changed namespace for GBP Heat resources (new namespace is GroupBasedPolicy)

GBP Service Commits