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Juno Release Notes

This is the first OpenStack Group Based Policy release. The release comprises of four components/repositories (Service, Client, Heat automation, Horizon UI) and is designed to work with OpenStack stable Juno. This release includes network policy drivers for connectivity rendering using Neutron (with ML2 plugin and OVS driver), or OpenDaylight Controller. In addition, vendor-specifc policy drviers are for Cisco ACI, Nuage Virtual Services' Platform and One Convergence Network Virtualization and Service Delivery (NVSD) Controller.

This release introduces the foundation of the Group Based Policy model that provides for the following features:

  • Intent-driven declarative Abstractions
  • Separation of Concerns - Application Developer, Network/Network-Services/Cloud Admin, and Security Admin
  • Late binding to facilitate non-sequential workflows with optimal policy rendering
  • Dynamic update of policy constructs without procedural manual orchestration
  • Capability to introduce modulation in the form of Admin Constraints/Overrides
  • Policy-driven Network Services’ composition and chaining
  • External connectivity abstractions

When using the Neutron Resource Mapping driver in this release:

  • Overlapping IP addresses are supported across tenants but not within the same tenant
  • Policy Target Group association for Policy Target is immutable
  • L2 Policy association for Policy Target Group is immutable
  • L3 Policy association for L2 Policy is immutable
  • ip_pool for L3 Policy is immutable
  • Policy Rule Sets cannot be shared
  • External Policy cannot be shared
  • L2 Policy can't be associated to a different tenant's L3 Policy even if shared
  • Policy Target Group can't be associated to a different tenant's L2 Policy even if shared
  • L2 Policy with default L3 policy cannot co-exist with L3-policy with default ip-pool
  • Only one L3 Policy can be created with default ip-pool
  • More than one child policy-rule-set cannot be associated to the parent policy-rule-set

Please refer to the following release pages for the Service, Client, Horizon, and Heat packages: