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NFP Implementation Patches

Patch Stack

  1. Multi process framework implementation

    Implements python multiprocessing based distributor and worker processes to handle the RPC messages. This framework implements the processing model for the NFP functionality. The framework implements an event and queue mechanism for the communication between the distributor and worker processes, along with primitives to serialize processing of events. The implementation includes a polling mechanism to handle periodic tasks. The NFP functionality is organized as modules, with each module registering for RPCs and events the module handles. The framework loads the modules and invokes the init method of the modules.

  2. DB Framework and DB Model Implementation

    Implements the DB model and access methods for the NFP resources. The NFP DB model includes resources for network functions, network function instances, network function devices and the associated gbp resources.

  3. Openstack client library for NFP

    Implements a common abstraction to interface with neutron and gbp APIs. Implements utility methods to interface with openstack clients for nova, neutron, gbp and keystone.

  4. Service Orchestrator module
  5. Added Base mode support in Service Orchestrator
  6. Adding Device Orchestrator
  7. Orchestration drivers with their unit tests
  8. Heat driver implementation
  9. Node Driver