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Governance/Graduation Review

Note: This page describes a deprecated process


The process for the inclusion of new projects in OpenStack is fully described here. The End of cycle graduation review is the part where currently incubated projects are considered for inclustion in the integrated release for the next release cycle.


No application is necessary. Projects that have been incubated for at least two development milestones will be automatically reviewed for graduation.

Technical Committee review

The graduation review is scheduled for the end of the development cycle, before the elections for the next cycle's PTLs are held.

The review includes the following topics:

  • "Why we think we're ready" statement (by the incubated project PTL)
  • Report on release cycle alignment progress (by the release manager)
  • Technical stability and architecture maturity assessment (Q&A by all TC members)
  • Scope complementarity (Q&A by all TC members)