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This page is a work in progress by the OpenStack Board. Materials on this page will be updated and changed until the Board completes it's work effort and approves the final version.

OpenStack Board Strategic Focus Areas Confirmation Guidelines

As strategic focus areas are developed within the OpenStack Foundation (Foundation), pilot projects will hopefully grow and develop to the level of being a confirmed project. It is the responsibility of Foundation Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws of the organization to review these projects and apply confirmed status.

In order to provide guidelines for potential project applicants, the Board has developed a process and series of discussion points that have been defined to represent, what the board hopes will help the projects understand that the discussion and decisions points are in place to help the board determine how, where and how much the Foundation and Leadership may be able to support a projects future and community success.

Many factors go into the decisions of the Board and it should not construed that if an applicant documents competency and demonstrated historical performance in each of the areas in the guidelines that they will be automatically become a confirmed project. The Foundation Board of Directors provides these guidelines in an effort to help pilot projects seeking confirmation to provide information that is most pertinent to the decision making process.

During the course of considering project confirmation applications, the Board of Directors has broad discretion to consider any and all factors in its decision, however the following factors have been identified as being important considerations that the board will take into account:

Strategic Project Governance Steps

Fodder Materials for the Work Effort to Reference

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  2. Board work effort notes: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/UnofficialBoardNotes-June-13-2018
  3. TC+Community Forum discussion at Vancouver Summit: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/YVR-cross-osf-tech-governance
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  6. additional suggestion to look at: https://github.com/coreinfrastructure/best-practices-badge/blob/master/doc/criteria.md