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Temporary Notes from the April 24, 2018 Board meeting. This will be replaced with the official minutes once they are approved by the Board

Hi everyone,

Good news from the Board Meeting today. The Board of Directors approved Tencent as the newest Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation. Tencent is the No 3 Internet company worldwide and runs OpenStack at scale to support many of their popular applications, including WeChat, as well as help build private clouds for government and industry customers.

Tencent won the Superuser award at the Sydney Summit and its developers have contributed to multiple OpenStack projects, including Freezer, Kolla, LOCI, Nova, OpenStack-Ansible and Oslo. Nine Tencent team members have taken the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam. You can read more about their involvement in the press release we issued following the Board Meeting: https://www.openstack.org/news/view/377/openstack-board-elects-tencent-as-platinum-member-of-the-foundation

The Board met for two hours, and reviewing Tencent's application was the primary agenda item. We also reviewed some announcement plans for the Vancouver Summit in executive session.

Several Tencent team members will be at the Summit in Vancouver, May 21-24, so please help welcome our newest Platinum Members and please help us spread the news: https://twitter.com/OpenStack/status/988818140002947072

Thanks, Lauren

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