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Board of Directors - July 22, 2014 Meeting

The OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors will meet at 8:00am - 5:00pm on July 22, 2014. This will be a F2F meeting with webex conference capability.

Meeting Location: The Nines, 525 SW Morrison

To join the session:

  1. Go to https://openstack.webex.com/openstack/k2/j.php?MTID=t51b273339f97a8a86dc9f61d50f09470
    1. Session number: 925 892 682
    2. Session password: This session does not require a password.
  2. Enter your name and email address.
  3. Enter the session password: This session does not require a password.
  4. Click "Join Now".
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Note: The agenda is formed from the Action/Discussion reports submitted by Directors or chairs from each of the work groups, committees and new topics prior to July 16. Those reports are gathered from every group, including those that won't be on the agenda so that the board gets a complete update for all board activities.


* Minutes recorded by Mark Radcliffe and Lisa Miller

Call To Order

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve minutes from May 11 board meeting
  3. Feedback on the board packet process

Executive Director Update (60 min)

  1. July 2014 Update, Summit planning, 2H budget - Jonathan
    1. Finance committee report with motion to accept the new 2014 2H budget as presented by Jonathan - Sean
  2. Future OpenStack: Extending our view, 3-5 years ahead - Mark Collier


New Topics of Discussion

Contribution Agreement Model
(80 minutes)
To arrive at a decision on regarding proposals to change the contribution agreement model, we will go through the following steps over the course of the next two board meetings. The July meeting will be used to educate the Directors as to the need, background and issues surrounding this topic. Motions for a board resolution will be entertained at the September board meeting.
For July:
  1. introduction to the topic, background and persuasive arguments.
    1. A basis and legal background for CLA, DCO, Apache license, etc. - Mark Radcliffe
    2. Introduction and context of the proposed need for change - Mark McLoughlin
  2. Next steps
    1. The chair asks that the Directors use the month of August to further educate themselves on the issues and to gather community insight. At the September board meeting the chair will then call for a short general discussion on each of the proposals followed by motions to the board. The board will then vote on the matter.


Core Definition and Branding (45 min)

  1. DefCore report with Board actions - Rob, Joshua
    1. Introduce Bylaws changes - Mark Radcliffe

Break for Lunch

(Noon: 60 minutes)

Drive Adoption

Win The Enterprise
(90 minutes)
  1. A report on the key learnings, needs and next steps from the Win the Enterprise technical and marketing team leads - Imad


(2:30pacific 15 min)
  1. Transparency WG (30 min) - Joshua

Workgroup and Committee Reports

  1. Discussion topics Directors wish to raise related to materials received from work groups not presenting at the July meeting.
Committees which included materials in the board packet but which are not on the July meeting agenda:
* Election Committee
* Prospective Gold Members Committee
* User Committee
* Tax Affairs Committee
* Compensation Committee

Executive Session


Directors, Visit to CERN after the Paris summit: https://indico.cern.ch/event/331106/
OpenStack 4th Birthday - 6:30 pm, the Directors will join the OpenStack 4th Birthday. The board members, Foundation Staff and gold member reps may show up early to the anniversary 4th Birthday for food and networking at 6:30. The event will take place at Union Pine (575 SE Pine Street, 97214), and it will open for all attendees at 7 pm.
Next Board Meeting - September 18, 2014 12:00-2:00pm Pacific, Webex Conference Call
November 'high 5' board meeting, exact date/time/location TBD

Post Meeting Action Items

  1. Send a meeting summary of decisions made to the TC (commitment made from the last joint TC / Board meeting)