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Governance/ElectionsSpring2012/Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor

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OpenStack bio

I'm mtaylor on IRC

I was involved in the creation of the OpenStack project, helped design the development workflow and process and have run the CI systems since then.

I set up the original Launchpad projects and got tarmac running to do the initial trunk gating. With Jim Blair I helped move the project from bzr/tarmac to git/gerrit. I've been involved in Ubuntu packaging and in managing projects on PyPI. I've tried as best I can to make sure that the tooling we use is democratized, fair, repeatable and works the same for everyone. I've also been clearly ok with holding an unpopular opinion when I think there is a strong case to be made for the project's health in a different decision, yet have on several occasions changed my opinion when presented with a compelling argument to the contrary.


1. Since the last elections, what areas have you focused on and what contributions have you made in order to improve OpenStack as a whole?

I have focused on the OpenStack Jenkins and Gerrit infrastructure. My team added per-commit integration testing based on devstack, fleshed out virtual-env based unit tests, and is working on integrating the testing of contributed Jenkins servers in addition to the main OpenStack Jenkins. I've personally worked on standard tooling across projects for testing including the recent work to get tox support in to each of the projects. I've coordinated with other projects, like Wikipedia, who have started looking at spinning up a similar setup to ours so that we can work together and reap the benefits of collaboration. I wrote git-review to help with change submission to Gerrit. I've been working on getting the translations infrastructure to actually do something and am currently trying to get jenkins job definitions in to puppet in a way that the test jobs themselves can actually be managed via code review.

2. What are the most pressing/important issues facing OpenStack as a whole?

Continuing to attach deployment and code quality. The better we are at deploying, the better we can be at testing, and the better we are at testing, the more solid of a project we can be.

In addition to that, scaling the development process is crucial. We've done a great job with that so far, but we can't stop working on it.

3. What is your relationship to OpenStack & why is its success important to you and/or your company?

My division of HP has based its work on OpenStack, so a non-successful OpenStack is simply not an option. Additionally, my position there is to run a team that manages the OpenStack infrastructure for the community, so the continued health of OpenStack is important for HP to continue to have a vested interest in employing us.