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Supporting Project Definition Proposal


OpenStack official projects determine the set of projects the PPB (and future Technical committee) has authority over. It also determines who gets to elect the directly-elected TC members: authors of changes in any of the official projects.

Following a recent decision, official projects are currently of the following types: Core, Incubated, Library and Gating. This excludes a number of projects that do not fit in those categories but are rather central to OpenStack work, in particular documentation and infrastructure work.

In order to take those into account, we propose to create a last category of official OpenStack project: the Supporting projects.

Proposal 1: Create Supporting project category

  • Create a new category of OpenStack projects in addition to Core, Incubated, Library and Gating projects: "Supporting projects"
  • The PPB/TC decides if a given project should be granted or removed OpenStack Supporting project status
  • Supporting projects can have leads, but do not get a reserved seat on the PPB/TC. They can (and probably should) run for election on the directly-elected seats.
  • Authors of changes in Supporting projects get granted ATC status (per the TC charter) and can vote in directly-elected TC seats election.

Proposal 2: Add a number of existing projects to the Supporting project category

This list is based on: ssh review gerrit ls-projects | grep '^openstack'


  • openstack/compute-api
  • openstack/identity-api
  • openstack/image-api
  • openstack/netconn-api
  • openstack/object-api
  • openstack/openstack-manuals
  • openstack/openstack-ci-puppet (should move under openstack-ci)
  • openstack-ci/*

To be discussed in a future application

  • openstack-dev/openstack-nose
  • openstack-dev/pbr
  • openstack-ci/git-review (should move under openstack-dev)


  • openstack-dev/openstack-qa (dead)
  • openstack/openstack-chef (ecosystem/related)
  • openstack/python-openstackclient (should be under stackforge, not officially incubated not library project yet)
  • openstack/openstack-puppet (dead)
  • openstack/openstack-ci (dead)
  • openstack-ci/pypi-mirror (dead)
  • openstack-dev/sandbox (testing ground)
  • openstack/openstack-planet (might be replaced)