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Proposal template (not completed)

The following is a proposal template that students may use for their proposal.

NOTE : This is not a completed version, so there will be some changes. Please bring your ideas to discuss what we can include within a proposal template at GSoC 2014 Proposal Template. :)

Personal Details

  • Name
  • Email
  • Name of your school or university
  • IRC nickname[freenode]
  • Other contact methods (If you have)

Project Description

Describe your ideas and implementation issues in detail.

  • Project Idea url :
  • What is the goal?
  • How will you achieve your goal?
  • What would be your milestone?
  • At which time will you complete a sub-task of your project?
  • etc...


Describe your backgroud that could be related to your project or be taken into account.

  • Open source contribution
  • Academic background
  • Intern or work experience
  • Programming language or software skills
  • etc...

Create your proposal

It would be nice if you can create your proposal page and ask mentors to check it :)
NOTE : You MUST make sure that you need to submit your application to GSoC website before the deadline not to your page!!!

Create your page

You can simply type in address bar, for example (replacing YOUR_NAME with your name),


After you have done it, then edit your page and put some information!

Link your page

Once you have done with your page, why not create a link on a project page? To do this, you may use the same format which can be seen on Students' proposals. If you are not sure how to create a table, please check [edit] which can be found right next to the title Students' proposals after you log in.