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Fuel/CI/Puppet OpenStack CI duty

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Fuel CI duty for Puppet OpenStack

All Puppet OpenStack commits that fail Fuel CI and pass other Puppet OpenStack tests (and do not have Workflow-1 or CodeReview-1 votes) must be investigated by duty engineers. A separate Gerrit dashboard will be created to identify such commits.

For each such commit, a duty engineer is expected to:

1. Notify commit author about the problem by leaving a CodeReview-1 vote with a comment such as "I'm currently investigating why this commit has failed Fuel CI, I'm <irc-nickname> on #fuel-dev".

2. Once root cause of the failure is identified, add another comment to the review with the explanation, and work with the commit author on defining a mutually acceptable solution, which can be either a change in the commit, or a change in fuel-library or elsewhere in Fuel, or both.

3. Once the solution is agreed and implemented (e.g. a commit for fuel-library or another Fuel component that prevents the regression is merged, or at least is on review and has a +2 vote from a core reviewer), update your vote to +1.

Note: it's not ok to stop at step 1 and leave the commit author without assistance, Puppet OpenStack contributors are not expected to be able to troubleshoot Fuel CI on their own.