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Freescale SDN ML2 Mechanism Driver


Freescale SDN (FSL-SDN) Mechanism Driver is an add-on support for ML2 plugin for Neutron.

It supports the Cloud Resource Discovery (CRD) service by updating Network, Subnet and Port Create/Update/Delete data into the CRD database.

CRD service manages network nodes, virtual network appliances and openflow controller based network applications.

Basic work flow

|                                 |
|       Neutron Server            |
|      (with ML2 plugin)          |
|                                 |
| +-------------------------------+
| |        Freescale SDN          |
| |       Mechanism Driver        |
           |  ReST API
|      CRD server        |

How does Freescale SDN Mechanism Driver work?

- Freescale Mechanism driver handles the following postcommit operations.

  - Network create/update/delete
  - Subnet  create/update/delete
  - Port    create/delete

Sequence diagram : create_network

  neutron    ->  ML2_plugin
  ML2_plugin ->  FSL-SDN-MD
  FSL-SDN-MD ->  crd_service
  FSL-SDN-MD <-- crd_service
  ML2_plugin <-- FSL-SDN-MD
  neutron    <-- ML2_plugin

- Supported network types by FSL OF Controller include vlan and vxlan.

- Freescale SDN mechanism driver handles VM port binding within in the mechanism driver (like ODL MD).

- 'bind_port' function verifies the supported network types (vlan,vxlan) and calls context.set_binding with binding details.

- Flow management in OVS is handled by Freescale Openflow Controller.

How to use Freescale SDN Mechanism Driver?

Configuring ML2 Plugin

In [ml2] section of /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini, modify 'mechanism_drivers' attributes as:

mechanism_drivers = fslsdn

Configuring FSLSDN Mechanism Driver

Update /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf_fslsdn.ini, as below.

crd_auth_strategy = keystone
crd_url =
crd_auth_url =
crd_tenant_name = service
crd_password = <-service-password->
crd_user_name = <-service-username->

CRD service must be running in the controller.