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Julien Danjou


Personal Bio

I'm a Free Software hacker and a Debian developer for the last 10 years. I technically leaded the eNovance cloud platform build this year, and I am now working as an independent contractor. I enjoy functionnal and Python programming. You may know also know me as the author of the awesome window manager.

OpenStack Bio

I started contributing to OpenStack in October 2011. I've contributed patches to Nova, Horizon, Swift, Keystone, openstack-common, and obviously Ceilometer. I co-started the Debian packaging team for OpenStack and currently co-maintain the packages there.


1. What areas have you focused on and what contributions have you made in order to improve Ceilometer?

I built the first pieces of the architecture and wrote the first bricks of Ceilometer as the very beginning of the project, being its first developer. I then wrote a couple of plugins, enhanced and submitted code regularly, and worked on general development, assuring development quality and code reviews.

I've also organized and leaded some weekly meetings, participated in almost all mailing list discussions to find consensus and to debate about various ideas.

2. What are the most pressing/important issues facing Ceilometer?

We needed to build a solid architecture that can be extended by anybody to address all accounting needs in the present and in the future. I think we managed to do this so far, and that's great.

Now what we need is to be sure other people can join us and contribute by adding agents, plugins, etc to the existing code base. We need to ease this process by refining the architecture when needed, and by building documentation at every level (developer, user).

We also need to cover as many OpenStack projects as possible, and continue to be compatible and to work with all of them. The challenge here is to convince, when needed, that every OpenStack components may need to be accounted at one point, and that it should help Ceilometer doing so. We already established good communication channels with other OpenStack projects in this regard.

That also implies we need to work towards more coherence and consistency about technologies used among projects to work with accounting. Something that would anyway be good for the OpenStack project as a whole.

3. What is your relationship to OpenStack & why is its success important to you?

As a Free Software activist for a long time, the success of an open cloud platform is a subject I care about.

As an independent contractor, my customers use OpenStack for public and private cloud computing solutions on long term projects, and therefore needs both OpenStack and all its components to succeed, including Ceilometer.