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'''This page is outdated'''

The content of this page has not been updated for a very long time. Sections of this page are incorrect and irrelevant.


Starting a Documentation To-Do list, not necessarily in priority order.

At the OpenStack Design Summit we discuss priorities for docs and future releases.

Here's a brief to-do list based on incoming requests. Feel free to contact Anne Gentle (anne at openstack dot org) to sign up for any of these tasks.

  1. Create hardware requirements table for Object Storage.
  2. Identity management installation and configuration instructions improving those in http://github.com/openstack/openstack-manuals.
  3. Write information about gathering notifications regarding system usage data in the Compute admin guide in http://github.com/openstack/openstack-manuals.
  4. Consolidate installation docs for Nova to give one happy path, ensuring that the happy path is tested and a green light indicates it's good to go.
  5. Flag change in nova.conf for diablo release - flag is vlan_interface and default changed from 'eth0' to None. When creating networks, you also have to pass in the bridge_interface to use, so nova-manage instructions need updating too.
  6. Write ajax console doc - start with http://wiki.openstack.org/WebBasedSerialConsole, contact person is Anthony Young, sleepsonthefloor on IRC
  7. Figure out drawn character placement for docs.openstack.org
  8. Write Hypervisor docs - Xen, KVM, qemu, hyper-v - in openstack-manuals (Todd Deshane would like to write Xen chapter in openstack-manuals)
  9. Benchmarking for Swift
  10. Work with Trey to get docs onto other sites for Xen server implementations
  11. Test localization on OpenStack wiki
  12. Getting Started document for Stack on a Stick (Anne sent to Dustin Kirkland, but it doesn't include Swift SAIO)
  13. Use MySQL Workbench to update the database schema diagrams on Nova Database Schema
  14. Epub output.
  15. Rating on docs with a feedback form if rating is less than a 5 of 5.
  16. Begin marking up Swift dev guide with OpenStack/Rackspace conditions to enable single-sourcing of that document.

Doc Bugs

You can log a documentation bug against any project including nova, swift, glance, and the openstack-manuals project. Use the "documentation" tag when you log a doc bug in any project.

These bugs are then all viewable on Launchpad at https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack/+bugs?field.tag=documentation

Questions that have come in on IRC lately:

  • Are there recommended file system structures for OpenStack Compute?
  • Networking: How does the Nova Network component route network traffic? Does it get affected when the compute host goes down?
  • Networking and Projects and Users: What are the relationships between networks and projects, what are best practices for particular use cases?