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A few of us were batting around ideas of how to improve and speed the release cycle during the last summit. The simplest idea that came out of that discussion was the concept of a Project Documentation Lead or PDL. The idea is the PDL would be part of the regular project leadership and would likely be an active contributing technical member of the project. There would need to be at least some dotted line responsibility to your role leading the documentation. The PDL would be responsible for tracking and updating the docs for all things related to their project throughout the release cycle.

Potential Candidates

Compute (Nova): Jog0 or Michael Still?

Object Storage (Swift): Atul Jha?

Image Service (Glance): Brian Rosmaita *

Identity (Keystone): Adam Young?

Dashboard (Horizon): Julie Pichon?

Networking (Neutron): Edgar Magana *

Block Storage (Cinder): Mike Perez *

Metering/Monitoring (Ceilometer):

Orchestration (Heat): Randall Burt?

Database Service (Trove):

Bare metal (Ironic):

Common Libraries (Oslo): Doug Hellman?

* These people have identified themselves as point person for docs on the project.