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OpenStack Content Sharing


  • Non-proprietary OpenStack content resides in OpenStack repository.
  • Ability to substitute variables for product name, endpoints, and so on.
  • Source remains consumable by OpenStack and non-OpenStack consumers.
  • Proprietary content resides in non-OpenStack repositories. Consumable by non-OpenStack consumers.
  • When consumers create content, they include both OpenStack and proprietary source files in their master book files, as needed. Source files can reside in different repositories.
  • Consumers enter values for substitution variables in a configuration file that Jenkins can consume. Ex: productname="Rackspace Cloud Servers"


  • OpenStack source updates break non-OpenStack books that include that content.
  • OpenStack contributors find the added abstraction layer (substitution variables) annoying to work with.
  • An OpenStack change to an API does not actually affect a non-OpenStack API implementation, how to handle?


  • Proof of concept: Verify possibility of cross-repository communication. Work out how to implement substitution variables.
  • Content requirements: Determine which substitution variables are required. Product name? Endpoints? Version number?
  • Content development:
    • Update OpenStack source with substitution variables and publish these for public consumption.
    • Update non-OpenStack book files to include OpenStack source.
    • Content developers subscribe to OpenStack source file changes to ensure any updates do not break their content

Implementation Stakeholders

  • Proof of concept: David Cramer, Jonathan Simonoff, Anne Gentle, Pete Johnson, Diane Fleming
  • Content requirements and development: Anne Gentle, Joe Heck, David Hendler, Rose Coste, Diane Fleming

Implementation Phases

  1. Variable substitution
  2. Conditional inclusions/exclusions of sections or chapters with branding changes in a single repo
  3. Cross-repo inclusions/exclusions
  4. Public/private inclusions/exclusions where one repo is source repo (this is not necessarily ideal for OpenStack content sharing)


  • Changes from OpenStack community contributor >>>> what does this look like?
  • Changes from non-OpenStack contributor >>>> what does this look like?