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Date: Thursday April 23, 2015

Time: Whenever you're awake!

Communications: #openstack-doc on the Freenode IRC Network

Aim: Triage as many doc bugs as possible in openstack-manuals.

How to Participate

  1. Before the day, try to become familiar with How To Contribute to the Documentation
  2. On the day join #openstack-doc on the Freenode IRC Network so you can communicate with everyone
  3. Pick up one or more of the tasks below:

Fixing Bugs

The best thing you can do on a bug squashing day is to kill a live one. Just look at the list of Confirmed or Triaged and pick your target. Submit a change that fixes it. Ask for review help on the channel.

The lists of bugs are here:

  1. If you only feel comfortable making small changes, look for bugs with the tag low-hanging-fruit
    1. If you can't find low-hanging-fruit to fix, you can also try to complete tasks described at BugTriage
  2. Next, bugs marked "Triaged" have some helpful hints in them to assist
  3. However, most bugs are marked Confirmed

Providing information to the doc team

You don't have to edit documentation to assist on this bug day. If you know a part of OpenStack well, write any suggested text or hints on how to doc something up on a particular bug. Here's a breakdown by category:

We also tag doc tooling bugs in these Launchpad projects with: doc-builds or doc-tools.

Close old fixed bugs

Old bugs are nasty. Even when they are long dead, they clog bug views and render the lists unusable. Just look at old bugs and check if they still apply ! If they don't, close them as FixReleased (if you can pinpoint when they were fixed) or Invalid (if you can't).

Triage bugs

If you are an OpenStack operator or developer, you might be able to provide helpful information about how to write up a particular topic. Just paste what you can in the bug and click Submit. It'll get us further along and even small steps are appreciated.


  • Regenerate all configuration tables since many bugs can be marked as fixed after the regeneration and the regeneration patch might not mark all bugs as fixed.

Getting Help

If you need assistance with knowing where something goes, fixing build failures, or approving reviews, please contact the following people on #openstack-doc during the allotted time.

Note that if you can't get something to build - just submit it for review anyway! We can take a look at fix it.

UTC Mentors Timezone handover
2300 loquacity Australia
0000 loquacity
0100 loquacity Asia
0200 loquacity
0300 loquacity
0400 loquacity India
0500 loquacity
0600 loquacity
0700 gpocentek
0800 gpocentek Europe
0900 gpocentek
1000 gpocentek
1100 gpocentek
1200 gpocentek
1300 gpocentek
1400 annegentle, gpocentek US-East
1500 annegentle, gpocentek US-Central
1600 annegentle
1700 annegentle US-West
1800 annegentle
1900 annegentle
2000 annegentle
2100 annegentle, loquacity
2200 annegentle, loquacity

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