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OpenStack DevCamp Essen/Germany 2013


A weekend in a great place for people to work on and with OpenStack and related technologies


June 21 18:00 - June 23 2013 16:00


Linuxhotel in Essen/Germany

An on irc in the OTFC Net on #openstack-devcamp


We've been organizing quite a bunch of interesting meetings in the great Linuxhotel around the topics virtualization and infrastructure automation and configuration management, and currently we believe OpenStack is an important piece of software in that area, so we're about to learn it ourselves.

In this course we already had a small meeting in Essen last year, but want to continue now, and invite more people to join us to learn and develop together.

So, if you're already an OpenStack developer or want to become one, if you are a virtualization / networking / systems management expert wanting to get his handy dirty, learn and share experiences about OpenStack with others - this camp is for you!

Registration / Costs

Space is limited(around 25 people to stay in the hotel, maybe slightly more when you don't need a room for the night) , so registration is mandatory, including the acceptance of the pricing:

The Linuxhotel offers us it's facilities at the lowest price possible - basic service is per person

  • The standard way to participate is to book a shared(two persons) luxury hotel room including Breakfast - that makes 60€ for the whole event - single room is 90€
  • If you want to take care for you're own accomodation(you can also bring a tent and stay in the large Hotel garden is you wish!) it's 20€, 30€ if you join the breakfast with the Hotel sleepers
  • If we're enough people, lunch and dinner can be offered at 5€ / 15€

There are some more options, please see http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.html for details or just ask us!

To coordinate and book a room in the Hotel for you (please see cost for the pricing!), or if you have any further questions, please send us a mail here to register and figure out the details!


Who's in this meeting? Who sponsor it, who's organizing it?


B1-systems logo.png

B1 Systems - http://b1-systems.de/ will provide us with a dinner on saturday

Linuxhotel logo.png

Linuxhotel Essen provides us with their great location and facilities(due to german law restrictions not completely free but at lowest rate allowed) - http://www.linuxhotel.de - and they usually do that to many OpenSource related works.


If you want to make your participation public here, please enter your name, and the area of work your interested in to do on the camp:

  • Mike BRIGHT
    • Going through the process of contributing to OpenStack/DevStack and seeing where I can help (in dev/test/fix/doc)
    • DevStack experiments
    • Will bring along a Raspberry Pi to try out Ceph and/or Swift on this mini device
  • Henning Sprang:
    • Update my knowledge of devstack by checking if my installation from the last workshop still works and bringing it to the latest stable release
    • evaluating what's to do to use OpenStack in Production in a small, single-server setting - and if that's a good idea at all
    • find out which areas of OpenStack require development/testing/bugfixing/documentation work where I can help - directly in OpenStack or in packaging for Debian and/or Ubuntu
    • Details at User:Henning_Sprang/WorklogDevCampEssen2013-06
  • André Nähring
    • just looking to fix some minor bugs maybe
    • have a close look to the metadata service
    • checkout the ansible playbooks for RHEL
  • Holger@Jakobs.com
    • getting into openstack and virtual machines
    • interested in KVM, maybe Xen as well