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Designate/Incubation Discussion/Feb.10.2014

I met with Anne Gentle, an Openstack Technical Committee Member, to discuss the current Openstack incubation process for new projects and to get some feedback on when Designate should apply for incubation.

Anne went over the TLC meeting notes from the first time Designate investigated obtaining incubation status in June 2013. The reasons given for waiting were:

  • Not enough general adoption
  • Only one developer
  • Moniker vs. Designate
  • Horizon couldn’t integrate with Designate

Although, Anne said that since then they had changed the requirement of having more diverse development teams.

Currently there are 4 other projects applying for incubation status in the Juno Openstack release cycle. Some of the other TC members have expressed concern that it would be difficult to integrate more than 3 new projects during any given release period, although she didn’t think a firm decision had been made regarding that. But, she does think that even if we applied now, we would probably be looking at incubation status during the K release

Anne did not see v2 and mini-dns as being a problem with incubation, as long as we have the timeline mapped out and notify the community about it. Her only con to this was that people would start using the v1 api, but as long as we make it known that we will shortly have a v2 available it should be okay.

There is a new requirement on the incubation application to specify what program it will go in. If it is in a new program, then that application needs to be submitted at the same time. Anne said she wasn’t sure which program would be the best fit for Designate. There’s a new program being proposed called Data (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/71045/), which has the mission of providing the Openstack community with a scalable data processing stack and associated management interfaces and she thought that was a possible fit.

It’s better to have the conversation with the Openstack Technical Committee sooner rather than later. Anne suggested as soon as Icehouse is out the door, between April and June. The TC meets weekly and we just need to submit an application online and get on their agenda.

The other priority item is to decide what program we will be under – an existing one or create a new one.

Betsy Luzader