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CrashUp/Recover From Glance Operations

Aim: Aim is to implement recovery actions for glance operations.

Description: Following glance operations involve physical resources such as image file and have chances to crash while performing on them.

Operation Crashed Task State Image File Exist Recovered State Recovering Action Justification
Image-create saving Yes killed Remove File Cannot measure completed or not
queued No killed
Image-delete pending_delete Yes deleted Remove File
No deleted

So for recovering glance resources from performing crashed glance operations, as mentioned in the above table, apart from moving the crashed task_state to appropriate end state, sometimes the associated file is also deleted. Also for following nova operations, an image gets placed in glance image repository as well as glance database and thus impacts glance. However they are handled in nova uncontrolled operations.

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Snapshot
  • Live_image_snapshot•
  • Shelve
  • Unshelve