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Computing Force Network Working Group Updates

2022 OID China Computing Force Network Forum

Date: 2022 Aug 5th, 13:30- 17:00 UTC +8

Attendee: 80+ attendees from 17 organizations of telco provider, vendor of cloud computing, chips and etc
Playback(Chinese): https://segmentfault.com/area/openinfra-2022



Computing Force Network Wroking Group initial plan

Thoughts about CFN, and knowledge sharing in CFN related fields, like DPU, computing measurement, computing scheduling, heterogeneous computing and etc

Open discussions around

  1. thoughts and suggestions for CFN WG
  2. plan of how to participate in CFN WG
  3. experience and suggestions for how to operate opensource community


About CFN WG organization:

Since CFN has a wide scope, we need to have sub-groups to focus on specific technologies need TSC to make sure developments of sub-group is align with CFN overall development path need management team to responsible for guidelines, role defining, lifecycle management.

About CFN WG work plan
We need to start with a specific and typical CFN use case, and analyze all the required technologies, how they collaborate/integrate, and promote the implementations in different technology field, then integrate those technologies to formulate e2e CFN solution, and build CFN landscape iteratively.

Open Discussions

commonly agreed items:

  • Agree to start with specific and typical use case, which help defined the detailed architecture and technologies;
  • pay attention to collaboration between different communities, and standardize organizations

each organization showed their interest of specific technology of CFN