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Please see - https://groups.openstack.org/ambassador-program !


This section contains some boring information about administrative processes to do with the AmbassadorProgram.

How can I Apply?

If you feel ready, you can put in an application at the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LF9_1JVcrak5edqYMl1hqqnmDGhjlq7O5ZNn3Csk4ac/viewform

Add an Ambassador

To add an ambassador:

  1. Update http://groups.openstack.org/ambassador-program with their information
  2. Update http://www.openstack.org/community with their information
  3. Change profile on https://groups.openstack.org/ to have ambassador status
  4. Update their "home" group to mark them as ambassadors for that group
  5. Add email to the mailing list
  6. Send a welcome email to the mailing list

Groups Portal: New Group Request

  1. New request comes in to the "Groups waiting for approval" queue
  2. If it's obviously not an OpenStack user group - for example spam, a general group covering IT, etc, reject with a link to what an OpenStack User Group is
  3. If it is something that looks almost like a user group
    1. Fix up the title so it conforms with the geographic name requirements - put "pet names" in braces at the end
    2. If there is missing information, such as an URL, that is easy to find, add it and update the group
    3. Research the group a little
      1. If the group is in conflict with an existing group (eg geographic overlap), or has obvious issues (such as advertising), ask Ambassadors to find a solution before approving.
      2. If the groups is not in obvious conflict with an existing group and has no obvious issues, find an Ambassador to mentor the group and pending no Ambassador objections, approve the request quickly.

Groups Portal: Adding a new organiser to a group

  1. Ask the new organiser to log-in at http://groups.openstack.org/ (if they don't have an OpenStackID, they will need to create one)
  2. Ask the new organiser to click "Join Group" on the page of the group you work on (eg https://groups.openstack.org/groups/new-zealand )
  3. You, as the existing organiser, should then click the "Administer group" button on the group's page
  4. Click "people"
  5. Click "edit" next to the new organiser's account
  6. Tick "administrator member" under roles
  7. Click "Update Membership"

Official Group - Handover process

  1. Ambassador & Community Manager determine group meets requirements
  2. Logo request sent to logo team; logo recieved
  3. Groups.o.o updated by Ambassador or Community Manager
  4. Logo pack emailed by Ambassador; ask for address
  5. swag kit mailed by Foundation

Example Email to new official group:

Subject: Official Recognition of your User Group
To: All Leaders of the user group in question

Dear User Group Leaders,

Thank you for all you have done for the OpenStack community.

As recognition of your efforts, and to note successful satisfaction of the requirements and completion of the mentoring process[1], I am delighted to denote


as an Official OpenStack user group.

Attached to this email is a set of logos that you can use to recognise your official status on all social media channels. Please update those as soon as you can!

You will also notice some subtle changes to your page on the groups portal, making your group stand out a little more.

We are also working to arranged a swag kit for your group - details are coming soon, but please provide a name, address and phone number for when that is available.

Finally, despite the mentoring process being over I hope that we can continue our working relationship, sharing ideas and feedback. As leaders in our community, I would also welcome any help you could offer to other user groups - via the community mailing list, or directly, so we can grow our pool of ambassadors!