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CloudResearch SIG

Status: Active (Sep 2021)

Chair(s): Mohamed Elsakhawy, Ra'afat Abu-Rukba

Membership: Ra'afat Abu-Rukba , Gamal Abd El Moneam, Buddhika Sanjeewa Godakuru

Welcome to the Cloud Research SIG landing page.



The Cloud Research SIG aims to bridge the gap between Academic Research in Cloud Computing and Technology projects within OpenStack. The group’s purpose is to establish a collaboration space for Cloud researchers to discuss advancements in Cloud research and methodologies and to implement them in OpenStack. The group is also a communication space for researchers looking for guidance on how to evaluate their research work ( e.g., placement algorithms, model-free frameworks…etc.) in Openstack.

SIG's Objectives

The two main objectives of the SIG are

Primary Goal:

Improve Openstack's presence in Academia, both in the Research and Academic lecturing capacities

Secondary Goal:

Raise awareness of Openstack/OpenInfra goals, governance, and projects between undergraduate/graduate students in the context of Education (e.g., how to integrate your research work into Openstack ? etc )


The meeting agenda is located in the SIG's etherpad located at:



Meetings are held biweekly on Fridays at 17:00 UTC. We use zoom platform for having the meetings and the meetings are recorded.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Jan 28th, 2022 17:00 UTC. Meeting links is at


Meetings Archive

Sep 17th 2021

Meeting recording available on :


October 1st 2021

Meeting recording available on :


October 29th 2021

Meeting recording available on :


November 12th 2021

Meeting recording available on :


November 26th 2021

Meeting recording available on :