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At the Yoga (Virtual) PTG we again decided that the two two-hour midcycle meetings each cycle have been working well, and so we would continue this practice into the Yoga development cycle. Because of R-18 falling on a holiday week in the USA, we decided to hold the first midcycle during week R-17; the second will be held during week R-9. Scheduling the midcycle to overlap with the Wednesday Cinder weekly meeting time has also worked well, because everyone has at least one of those hours already scheduled on their calendars.

Full details of what was discussed are on the etherpad: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/cinder-yoga-midcycles

Recordings of the sessions are linked below.

Editorial note: The hyphen in 'mid-cycle' has been bugging me, and beginning with the Yoga development cycle, I will refer to these as 'midcycles'.

Session One: R-17: 1 December 2021


Session One Follow-Up: New Quota System Proposal


Session Two R-9: 26 January 2022