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This page contains a summary of the subjects covered during the Stein Mid-Cycle in Raleigh/Durham, USA Tuesday February 5th, through Thursday February 7th, 2019.

The full etherpad and all associated notes may be found here.

Tuesday 2/5/2019

Video Recording Part 1

Stein Cycle Goals

  • Summary: We are making good progress towards the Steing goals.

  • Action (vendors): Vendors need to be preparing to move their drivers and 3rd Party CIs to Python 3.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Add a reference and appropriate information for upgrade checks to our documentation.
  • Action (whole team): Take a look at changes that are out there for Stein and add upgrade checks where appropriate.

Video Recording Part 2

Cinderlib Discussion

  • Summary: Cinderlib has been accepted and is close to being merged. Problem is with figuring out how to pacakge/distribute it.

  • Action (geguileo): Figure out how to move the pypi package generation to a new location once it has been installed or figure out how to make it its own library.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Create an etherpad for continued discussion on drivers testing Cinderlib.
  • Action (geguileo): Set up a periodic job that runs testing against the latest pypi code to make sure it is note broken with the latest code.

Follow up on os-brick bug related to connection not being cleaned up

  • Summary: Concern is that this is a notable change that is difficult to test. Need to ensure this is well tested before being released. It is a problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Action (geguileo and avishay): Working on testing the fix and keeping the work moving forward.
  • Action (walshh): Offered systems with FC for testing. Need to coordinate with Helen to do this.

Support Revert to Any Snapshot

  • Summary: We agreed that having a spec for this is ok to do. The problem is that for some backends this is easy and not for others.

  • Action: A spec will be written and the core team will review it.

Video Recording Part 3

Continued Improvement of Support Matrix

  • Summary: The new matrix is an improvement, but more improvement is needed.

  • Action (jungleboyj): Update the driver removal history information.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Update the QoS description to indicate that this is backend QoS. Others can use frontend QoS
  • Action (jungleboyj): Thin provisioning support for CEPH needs to be updated.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Add a Active/Active HA support row.
  • Action (jungleboyj): May need to add a row for the re-image attached and optimized revert to snapshot support.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Add a note to the notes section about accuracy.
  • Action (smcginnis): Fixing the fact that the drivers are not listed in alphabetical order.

What to do about the FCZM

  • Summary: Cisco and Brocade are back to having working CIs, so we decided to celebrate this success and move on.

Discuss the state of 3rd Party CI Systems

  • Summary: There are always issues and questions around how things are running. We should be a bit more proactive in auditing:

  • Action: Update https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Cinder/tested-3rdParty-drivers#Third_Party_CI_Requirements
  • Action (jungleboyj): Audit the CI systems and make sure they are running the right tests. Poke them if they are not.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Communicate that we have a goal by the end of the Train release to have python3 and cinder-tempest-plugin running for all CIs.
  • Action (rosmaita): Going to work on pulling together the documentation we have for 3rd Party CI systems and make sure that it accurately reflects expectations now.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Need to start moving some of our Wiki content over to the doc repo.

Video Recording Part 4

Consistency Group Cleanup

  • Summary: We have removed consistency groups in favor of generic groups. We need to make sure that everything has been cleaned up.

  • Action (smcginnis): Look at the state of consistency groups and figure out what is deprecated and what may or may not need to be removed.

OpenStack Client Gaps

  • Summary: There is a possible cycle goal to get all python-clients removed. Making this happen for Cinder will take some time.

  • Action (team): Needs to keep an eye on the ethercalc of OSC gaps and try to help get fixes in place where possible.

Wednesday 2/6/2019

Video Recording Part 5

API V2 removal

  • Summary: V2 has been deprecated for some time now. It would be really nice to get it removed so we can move on with just V3.

  • Action (e0ne): Check Horizon to make sure there is nothing hard coded to the old API version.
  • Action (e0ne): Check Vitrage to make sure they aren't using an old API version.

Active/Active HA Locking Implementation Update

  • Summary: The work for this has been taken over by Jon Bernard. It is making progress as this is a goal for Red Hat's next release.

  • Action: (eharney/geguileo): Going to be testing this functionality in their product.
  • Action: (jungleboyj): Schedule follow-up discussion at the Denver PTG.

Process for addressing gate failures

  • Summary: We have seen an increase in gate failures and it is also starting to frustrate other projects. Need to get better dealing with these.

  • Action (team): Start creating elastic recheck bugs.

Video Recording Part 6

iSCSI Support for Ceph Volumes

  • Summary: There is great interest in getting this functionality added. Need to continue forward trying to get this driver in.

  • Action: (jungleboyj): Follow up with Jon Bernard on how we can see existing volumes in a pool through gwcli.
  • Action: (jungleboyj): Work with my team to get a spec proposed.

Avoid Untyped Volumes

  • Summary: That is still something we want to do. Just need to get it started.

  • Action (eharney): Create a spec to better define the problem and solutions.

Driver Capabilities Improvements

  • Summary: This is an area where we know we need improvements and that we continue to fail to improve. We really should work on this.

  • Action (eharney): Write up a spec to propose how we can do this.

Fall mid-cycle planning time

  • Summary: The time to meet face to face in the middle of the cycle is still beneficial and we want to continue to do it.

  • Action (jungleboyj): Create an etherpad to start proposing a time late in August or early in September to do another mid-cycle.

Video Recording Part 7

Moving Cinder to Using Storyboard

  • Summary: We are supposed to be working on moving Cinder to Storyboard. The team is still hesitant to make this move.

  • Action (jungleboyj): Continue working on an etherpad to design our use of Storyboard.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Talk about this again at the PTG in Denver.

Migration from sqlalchemy-migrate to Alembic

  • Summary: Sqlalchemy-migrate has been deprecated for some time now. We need to come up with a plan going forward to move to Alembic.

  • Action: Someone eventually needs to pick up this work and do it.
  • Action: Should roll up some of our older migrations so that we have fewer migration in place before migrating.

Stable Releases

  • Summary: We don't have anyone who has been paying close attention to getting stable releases out and we should be more pro-active.

  • Action (rosmaita): Brian has volunteered to put time into doing stable releases and making sure that we stay on top of them.

Thursday 2/7/2019

Note: No video recordings for the last day.

Cinder-lib repo Discussion

  • Summary: After futher discussion it was decided that cinderlib was going to need to go into its own repo.

  • Action (geguileo): Need to get cinder-lib into a new repo.
  • Action (geguileo): To undertake the process of getting cinder-lib proposed as its own repo.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Add the new repo as an official Cinder deliverable.

How to keep track of features/code Affecting Other Projects

  • Summary: Implementation of schema validation broke Ironic. We should try to avoid such issues in the future.

  • Action: Reach out to the Ironic team to see if they have ideas as to how to avoid this in the future.
  • Action: Core reviewers to keep an eye out for changes that may impact other projects.
  • Action: Glance doesn't have a job for Cinder Store. That seems like something we should resolve.

Prepare for a python-cinderclient major release

  • Summary: It has been a while since we have done a major release of python-cinderclient. We should do this soon.

  • Action: Team to review Sean's patch and work to merge it. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/609439/
  • Action (smcginnis): Figure out a way to remove the requirement of having to alway specify a microversion.

Mid-Cycle Post Mortem

  • Summary: The team felt the time was worthwhile and we would like to plan to do this again in the fall.

  • Action (jungleboyj): Put together mid-cycle summary wiki.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Start planning etherpad for the next mid-cycle.
  • Action (jungleboyj): Write a summary blog article.