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The HP MSA 2040 is a low-level entry SAN device. This blueprint proposes to develop a Cinder driver for this device, based on its REST API. The iSCSI access having not been released by HP at this time, only the FC would be supported.

The REST API will be accessed through HTTP.

User Stories

The cinder administrator would enable the MSA 2040 driver in cinder.conf, and provide access informations :

 volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.san.hp.MSA2040FCDriver
 san_ip =
 san_username = msa_admin
 san_password = msa_passwd
 # MSA 2040 associates vdisk IDs to RAID arrays, volumes will be created on a
 # dedicated vdisk (or several using the cinder multi-backend feature)
 msa2040_vdisk = VD1

After cinder restart, the volumes will be available to instances using standard nova/iSCSI access.


  • The driver will be similar to the HP 3PAR driver
  • A common set of classes will be provided and inherited by the FC driver. This will ease the future addition of the iSCSI driver for this hardware (not yet released by HP)