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  • "in soviet russia, cloud meters you" (too much like a particular vendor's tagline)
  • "We push metrics to the clouds"
  • "our metrics are cloudy"
  • "how high can your cloud go?"
  • "how high on clouds are you?"
  • "We are weather!"
  • "we are the dow of cloud"
  • Pew-pew-lasers type of line (that's what it says on the Wikipedia, so must be good): "Ceilometer: uses a LASER to measure the height of a cloud!". Might add a StarWars Walker picture to it too.
  • "Measure everything"

Logo proposals

first try at a logo by nijaba

(not a fan of the logo ... ever see goatse? - Sandy)

first try at a logo by SandyWalsh.

Ideally these should be made to look like proper structural dimension lines (like you would see on a blueprint ie: http://www.maelabs.ucsd.edu/mae_guides/cad/dimensioning/Dimensioning_Fundementals_files/image002.gif). This is just a mock-up obviously. -S